Apply To Be on the BNT Board


Graphic Design Team:
1)    Responsible for creating all graphic designs including but not limited to:
a.    Show Posters (including individual ones for each one-act)
b.    Event Cover Pages
c.    Snapchat Filters
d.    Cast Announcements
2)    Manage the design, printing, and dissemination of all print materials including but not limited to:
a.    Flyers
b.    Involvement Fair Presentations
c.    Show Programs
3)    Create trailers and clips for promoting BNT and its productions
4)    Skills Desired:
a.    Experience in Graphic Design 
b.    Experience in Web Design and creating Video Content is a plus

Design and Production Team:
1)    The Design and Production Team plays an essential role in envisioning and developing the aesthetic of each BNT production 
a.    Whether through lighting design, scenic design, or any other visual area of the craft, the Director of Design ensures that each production lives up to BNT’s high standards 
2)    The Design and Production Team will be welcome, and encouraged, to take on design roles within BNT’s productions (i.e. set designer, lighting designer), but if they are unable to participate fully on a particular production, not to worry, they will play a central role in arranging the production’s design team.
3) The Design side of the team is also responsible for discussing logistics and initial ideas with playwrights brought in for staged readings and workshops to help the writer flesh out the entirety of the world they are building.
4) The production side of the team is responsible for production calendars and organizing board assistance during load-ins. 

Literary Team:
1)    Thoroughly read all writer submissions and applications
2)    Lead discussions in regards to writer submissions with the BNTeam
3)    Give constructive criticism to the writers of each show 
4)    Work with the playwrights and directors of each show to facilitate rewrites
5)    Follow up with the playwrights to ensure the rewrites are completed before a determined deadline
6)    Skills Desired:
- Constructive criticism skills
- Creative mindset
- Love storytelling
- Understanding of play structure 

Marketing Team:
1)    Responsible for the promotion of BNT’s shows and the organization as a whole:
a.    This includes managing social media accounts, advertising audition opportunities, creating the program for the show, and everything in between
2)    Work with the Graphic Design Team to develop a schedule for posts
3)    Skills Desired: 
a.    Proficient in social media
b.    Expert at Microsoft Word and web design

Community Outreach Team
1).  Responsible for findings opportunities for BNT to get involved with giving back to the communities that we are apart of
2).  Communities include
- the greater Los Angeles area
- the theatre community
- the writing community
- the intersections of these 
3)   Responsible for organizing events
4)   This team is brand new to Brand New Theatre! We are still working as a board to understand how to incorporate community outreach into our projects and lives as artists. We would love to hear any ideas about how best to utilize this team! 
5)   Skills Desired
-    Self starting attitude

Funding Team
1)    Manage the company's finances, making sure we maintain enough to continually produce projects
2)    Work with the Production Manager to create budgets and budget proposals for each project and their subsequent grant applications 
3)    Brainstorm ways to raise money for our organization
4)    Skills Desired
- Proficiency in excel

Member at Large:
1)    Members at Large are an integral part of the BNT Board acting as swings who help assist other members if or when their own responsibilities become too overwhelming 
2)    Can choose to serve as production managers or festival directors for each of the one-acts during our annual festival
3)    Must attend all BNTeam meetings so that outstanding responsibilities can be delegated to them
4)    Aide the Literary Directors during the play selection process
5)    Responsible for organizing the filming of the One-Act Festival and the Full-Length (with playwright permission)
6)    Coordinate special events, overseeing each event throughout its inception, production, and completion
i.e. Writing workshops and staged readings

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