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Bridge Of Birds

A modern retelling of a Korean Folktale set in Los Angeles, The Bridge of Birds questions the kid of love we find in the families we're born into and the families we create

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The Process...

This full length play was written by Eden Treiman and submitted to BNT in the Spring of 2022. We chose this play out of a handfull of unique and promising shows. The script was then worked on continuously by our literary team in collaboration with Eden. BNT interviewed and chose director Violet Ko. Both Violet and Eden, along with the producers, hosted auditions and narrowed down the cast to 5 talented actors. The BNTeam went to work starting rehearsals and productions meetings and successfully put the show up in the Massman Theatre the first weekend in April 2022. 

cast + crew

Email BNT at to contact one of these actors or designers


Production Staff & Crew

Jenny - Kiana Fong
Helen - Mai Yang
George - Henry Tsai
Umma - Rebecca Ko

Directed by Eden Treiman

Written by Violet Ko

Stage Manager: Simi Situ 

Technical Director:Ben Nicholas

Asst. Technical Director: Kali Bissanti

Scenic Designer: Sheela Yuan

Asst. Scenic Designer: Daishalyn Satcher

Costume Designer: Jasmin Young Steakley

Sound Designer: Casey Fleming

Asst. Sound Designer: Andrew Siehr

Lighting Designer: Jacob Hollens

Asst. Lighting Designer: Scott Brian

Props Master: Aarti Patel

Run Crew: Sophia Fijman, Olivia Kuhn

Appa - Thomas Winter
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