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Indigo Children

Based on Lee Carroll and Jan Tober’s The Indigo Child, Indigo Children explores the phenomenon of children of the modern age who are hyper-creative, hyper-self-aware, and perhaps too ahead of the current lives they lead. This concept manifests itself in Michael, a boy who, along with his perpetually feuding parents, sits in the principal’s office where he faces expulsion for poor performance in school. To escape his parents fighting, he creates a far away world, where two characters, Shea and M, look for a magical land called “Utopia,” learning about each other as they both run away from the adversity in their lives. Eventually they find a Utopia, but realize that it is not what they thought it would be, and it’s their responsibility to bring the “Utopia” into the real world with them.

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one act festival

This show was performed as part of BNT's 2019 fall one act festival. All four one act plays performed were directed by different directing teams. In the week preceding tech, the four casts performed together for the first time, learning to work together as a unit. As the first of the one act plays presented, Indigo Children stared the festival off strong and presented a challenge for the next shows to follow.


This one act play was written by Aria Shuler and submitted to BNT. We chose this play out of a handful of promising shows. The script was then worked on continuously by our literary team in collaboration with Aria. BNT  chose BNTeam member and fellow one act playwright Hailey Kragilj to direct. Hailey, along with other BNT one act directors and Aria, spent days hosting auditions and narrowing down the cast to 4 talented actors. The BNTeam went to work starting rehearsals and productions meetings. The production team had an interesting challenge on their hands, designing and producing 4 shows all within one space to be performed in sequence. 


Email BNT at to contact Aria or ask permission to read the entire play

bringing a story from script to stage is never an easy task. However, what is unique about BNT productions is that as the rehearsal process begins, the script is still continuously changing. Not only is the literary team working on it, but now designers, directors, and actors all can help to shape the story on that fundamental level. The script is always the playwright's, however, and the suggestions made are up to their discretion.

cast + crew

Email BNT at to contact one of these actors or designers

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Written by Aria Schuler

Lighting design by Payton Truszkowski

Directed by Hailey Kragelj

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