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In a year of missed connections, Brand New Theatre

is toasting to a summer of vaccinations, celebrations, and a whole lot of love with our

Summer of Love Drive-In Film Festival!

We are accepting submissions from March 1st through March 31st, we’ll be accepting short film submissions inspired by your love of storytelling that keeps us connected and kept you creating. We invite all young USC artists to share their quarantine creations in a safe and collaborative way. Selected films will be screened at a drive in theatre on April 29th and will be judged by a variety of campus groups, with awards and prizes presented by industry professionals. 

 The Ancient Greeks had

8 different words for love that encompass the selfless, selfish, passionate, soul-filling, and heartbreaking feeling.


Submissions must:

   - have all original or copyright free music 
   - have been co-written by a current USC student 
   - have been produced by a team lead by a majority of USC students



From deep friendship to obsessive love to self absorption,

Love is what makes us human.

It can feel perfect or ill fated but it keeps us connected, keeps us searching, and drives us. 


Check back in March for when tickets go on sale! 

You wont want to miss this event!

want to know more about the

8 kinds of love?

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