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The Birdcage Experiment 

After a disease outbreak devastates the population of a town, a group of unlikely allies take cover in a bunker where quarters are close and tensions are high as they try to survive in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland and piece together what has happened to them. 

COVID-19 effects

read all about the determination of this cast and crew here, in an article written by one of BNT's own

This show was meant to be performed at USC the week after spring break 2020. However due to COVID-19 two days into our 2+ week tech, we realized that we would have to open the show that week (2 days away) for a one night only underground performance.


This full length play was written by Aria Schuler and submitted to BNT. We chose this play out of a handfull of promising shows. The script was then worked on continuously by our literary team in collaboration with Aria. BNT interviewed and chose director Catherine Clements and assistant director Emma Spike-Neman. This directing duo, along with BNT producers and Aria, spent days hosting auditions and narrowing down the cast to 7 talented actors. The BNTeam went to work starting rehearsals and productions meetings. 


Email BNT at to contact Aria or ask permission to read the entire play

bringing a story from script to stage is never an easy task. However, what is unique about BNT productions is that as the rehearsal process begins, the script is still continuously changing. Not only is the literary team working on it, but now designers, directors, and actors all can help to shape the story on that fundamental level. The script is always the playwright's, however, and the suggestions made are up to their discretion.

cast + crew

Email BNT at to contact one of these actors or designers

Director: Cat Clements

Assistant Director: Emma Spike-Neaman
Writer: Aria Schuler
Lighting Designer: Payton Truszkowski
Sound Designer: Belle Alatorre
Scenic Designer: Zoya Naqvi
Technical Director: Enrique Garcia
Stage Manager: Zaira Paredes-Villega

Photos by Erick Garcia

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