BNT's Quirky Writer's Group

BNT knows creating is draining and sometimes the desire to make something "good" becomes suffocating. It drowns out the joy that comes from creating freely. That's why we've created BNT's Quirky Writer's Group!

Join us for our a bi-weekly Zoom meeting

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This group will provide writers a chance to follow their instincts and maybe get a good laugh! We'll meet every other week to help writers be in the practice of writing for fun, and for themselves. Each time we meet, the host will provide a silly/fun prompt for writers to respond to. You'll be given 15 minutes to respond - and there is no expectation for it to be polished or even good! At the end of the 15 minute writing time, all the writers will come back and read one another's work, followed by a conversation of elements we liked from each person's scene!
Simply put: only good vibes and fun writing allowed.

Come join us!